• Consolidation / Deconsolidation

    For any where in the world, especially for USA, Europe, Fareast, Canada and Australia/Pacific etc

  • Warehousing

    of premium quality

  • transportation

    Inland transportation for/from all major cities and towns of Pakistan as well as Afghanistan

  • Cargo Handling


  • Chartering

    Chartering of Break Bulk &Tank Vessel’s

  • Freight Management


T K CORPORATION (PVT) LTD Group Company is a diversified transportation and logistics company having been in the business since our founding in 1964 with wholly-owned offices in over 4 locations in Pakistan, T K CORPORATION (PVT) LTD offers a whole range of transportation and logistics services designed to meet the demands of our customers. Our oceans consolidation service supports a large client base and offers them a direct service into over 35 hub ports and over 5000 destination worldwide through these hub ports The Team at T K CORPORATION (PVT) LTD strives to provide the best and will continue to remain a force in the International Logistics Arena.


A very strong commitment to developing, training each of our colleagues to work as a team in all areas of the group's activities. To establish a high degree of professionalism backed with dedicated services in the interest of our clients and to serve them with pride and honesty.


Our vision is to stay ahead and make our presence felt at all times in the International Logistics Arena. We want to continue our journey towards being the leading logistics operator out of the Pakistan sub continent. Our belief and faith in our team.

At T K CORPORATION (PVT) LTD you come to meet the expert team carrying your cargo; be it Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Import's or Exports, the forces at T K CORPORATION (PVT) LTD will handle your shipment with clockwork like precision. Available 24/7, at T K CORPORATION (PVT) LTD you come to understand the world of difference in service, pricing and understanding. We understand "YOU" and we include this in our definition or "logistics"