Imports, Exports, Freight Forwarding, LCL Consolidation, Air Freight, Break Bulk-Chartering, Buyers Consolidation, Domestic Transportation, International, and Transportation. T K CORPORATION (PVT) LTD expertise and highly experienced and skilled staffs will ensure that your cargos are handled properly and efficiently, and we assured you that your cargo arrives safely and on time at its destination.

We are a team of highly skilled customs handling specialist with you, to form a powerful alliance for a more effective and efficient competitions. We offer and perform the followings:-

Air and Sea transport, Custom handling, 24 hours handling, Logistic, Packing, stuffing and stripping, Warehouse Facility, Door delivery, Domestic trucking and Transshipment.

To ensure the accuracy and uniformity of our client’s customs declarations, we are connected directly to the custom’s online system. Our Import and Export Clearance Standard Practice caters the following: –

Follow-up of shipment from the point of departure to the point of arrival on a timely basis.

Procurement, verification, preparation and presentation of import and export documents.

Determination of tariff classification, applicable rates and of your goods’ value for duty local delivery to the importer/consignee.
Value added services; warehousing, sorting, labeling, distribution, cartage, various documentation and more.